Here are four tips for cleaning granite countertop stains

Clean Granite Countertop StainsGranites are the top choice for kitchen countertops due to their resilience, beauty, and strength.  They can add a graceful touch to any kitchen greatly increasing the overall look and elegance of the place.

However, like any other natural stone materials, granites are porous that means they will soak-in liquid resulting in stains.

In this blog post, we’ll review the best tips for cleaning granite countertop stains.

Here’s the best way to prevent granite countertop stains

The best advice when it comes to avoiding stains on granite countertops is to keep them free of any kind of liquids on the surface. Even sitting tap water may leave stains on the counter tops. In no instances should you use harsh chemicals or any liquid that is not made for cleaning granite countertops.

In case, your granite countertop in the kitchen has already developed a stain, you should carry out the following procedures to resolve the issue.

1. Prepare the surface for cleaning

Before you get started on cleaning the countertops, you should first prepare the surface by removing dirt, dust, and other debris. Wash the countertop with warm soapy water to remove bread crumbs and other food remains from the surface.

Also, you should move appliances and other items placed on the countertop to another location before cleaning the surface.

2. Use baking soda poultice to remove the granite countertop stains

Once you have cleaned the countertop surface, and removed all the appliances on top, you should consider using soda poultice on the stains. Blot the spot on the countertop, and then spray with water. Next, mix baking soda and water until a consistency similar to sour cream is reached. Put this mixture on top of the stain and cover the area with plastic wrap.

You should leave the stain covered for about 24 hours. Once the baking data dries, it will pull up the stain. Remove the plastic wrap after 24 hours and wash the area with water and mild soap.

3. Liquid and flour soap poultice

In case the stain does not go away after using baking soda and water solution, you should consider using flour and liquid soap poultice. Mix one cup of unbleached flour and 3 tablespoons of liquid dishwashing detergent. Next, you should cover the stain with poultice so that it overlaps the spot by about a quarter of an inch.

Cover the stain with plastic wrap and leave it untouched for at least 24 hours.  You should wash off the area with water and soap. In case the stain is still there, you should consider applying the following technique.

4. Corn starch solution

Sprinkle distilled water over the stain and then spray a thick layer of cornstarch over it. You should let it sit there for about 24 hours and then clean the area using warm soapy water. In case the stain is not removed on the first try, you should reapply the mixture and repeat the process.

If you want more information on how to care for your granite countertop, you can contact Stone Connection. We have been serving the Atlanta metro area for about two decades.

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  1. Finley Moreira
    Finley Moreira says:

    My wife and I would love to have granite countertops installed in our home once we start our kitchen remodeled. We do a lot of cooking, so I appreciated your tips on how to get rid of any stains that might appear on our contertops. We’ll make sure we have baking soda on hand for the poultice you recommend.

  2. Larry Weaver
    Larry Weaver says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize that sitting water could leave stains on countertops. I’ve been thinking of getting some new granite countertops for my kitchen and would like to take care of them as much as possible. No more sitting water for me in my kitchen!

  3. Steele Honda
    Steele Honda says:

    I knew that baking soda can help to clean a lot of things, but I had no idea that it can be used to clean granite countertops! I am going to renovate my kitchen, and granite countertops are a must! Thanks for the advice! Now I know how I will clean them.

  4. Roger Middleton
    Roger Middleton says:

    My wife and I are thinking about getting natural stone countertops and we aren’t sure if it’s for us just yet. I liked that you had mentioned that it can be important to prepare the surface properly for cleaning and to make up a few solutions to remove any stains. It doesn’t seem like they’d be too hard to take care of and most of the solutions mentioned are relatively easy things to do, we might have to start looking more in-depth into getting some stone countertops.


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