Here Are 3 Tips For Cleaning Marble Countertops

Cleaning Marble CountertopsMarble countertops look elegant and attractive and can greatly add to the beauty of any house. When it comes to luxurious beauty, not many can compare with the marble countertops. However, cleaning marble countertops is necessary.

Cleaning marble countertops is simple enough. However, you should know about the right way to clean the countertop, otherwise, you can do major damage to it.

You should know that marble is sensitive to certain chemicals and food spills. With the correct knowledge, you will avoid damage to the marble countertops thereby retaining the beautiful look for a long time to come.

1. Quickly clean the spills

Keep in mind that marble countertops can stain even if water is spilled on the surface. So, it’s essential that you immediately clean the spills without any delay. This is important even if you are pressed by time trying to juggle dinner. The extra seconds that it takes to clean the spill will be more than worth it in the end, considering that it will help in retaining the attractive look of the countertop.

When cleaning a spill, it’s recommended that you use a blotting motion with the cleaning cloth instead of wiping or rubbing the spill. This is important as wiping or rubbing the spill can make the stain far worse. Also, you should avoid cleaning the countertops using abrasive cleaning material such as Soft Scrub, steel wool, or Comet Ajax as they can actually dull the lustrous shine and finish.

2. Use dish soap and flour

You don’t have to buy costly countertop cleaners from the store. You can instead mix dish soap and flour to create a homemade countertop cleaning liquid. Just mix three tablespoons of dish liquid with about one cup of flour. Make sure to thoroughly mix the mixture until consistency of the liquid is reached.

Once the mixture is made, you should clean the marble countertop by covering the countertop with a quarter inch thick layer of the mixture. Leave the mixture to work for about 24 hours and then clean the countertop with soap and water. The soap used to clean the mixture should not have lemon juice, bleach, or other acids as it can damage the countertop.

3. Use marble sealers

After a thorough cleaning of the marble countertop, you should sometimes apply a marble sealer to the surface. Applying the sealant will offer increased protection against the stain. The cost and effort of applying the sealant will be worth it as it will prevent damage to the countertop requiring costly repairs.

Also, applying the sealer will ensure that the countertop continues to look stunning for years on end. Consider using impregnating sealer as it offers extra protection against stains due to spills.

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In the end, you should always test an inconspicuous spot first before using any cleaning liquid to clean the marble countertop. You can proceed with the cleaning process once no etching or discoloration is experienced after the waiting period.

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